Leadership & Membership In Our Time

Working with Identity, Authority, and Boundaries

A Group Relations Conference


The method has several elements:

  • a primary task 

  • experiential learning

  • focus on the group or system

  • temporary organization

    The primary task is to study the conscious and unconscious expression of leadership, authority and identity in a temporary organization.  The task is accomplished through a series of different group formats and approaches. 

    A Group Relations conference uses experiential learning  in a “here and now” (examining our experience as it unfolds) and “there and then” (review & debrief) frame  to explore group interactions.  It emphasizes the personal engagement that comes about through active participation in the events of the conference. It is different from traditional conferences because everyone participates.  Such learning is deeper and engages all of our senses.

    Experiential learning provides opportunities for exploration unavailable by traditional means such as lectures or reading. It offers an environment to try new roles and behaviors, to understand familiar roles, learning that can be applied to work and personal roles.

    The conference creates a temporary learning organization where the conference staff and members will work together, learning through small group, large group, inter-group, review group, plenary discussions and full system interactions.  

    The conference staff strive to create an atmosphere in which participants can surface unexamined assumptions about the intersection of leadership, authority and the many identities we hold.  New perspectives emerge for participants as they develop more effective ways of seeing themselves within groups and organizations. Consultations will focus on the group and its interlocking system dynamics. 

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